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Welcome to the Light Source WikiEdit

Welcome to the Light Source Wikia. We are a group dedicated to defeating evil no matter where it is as we war with our Rival Group the Final Words.

The Campaign Against EvilEdit

The War between the Final Words and the Light Source is a large scale battle concerning the fate of mankind, possibly even the entire planet. On one side lies the Final Words, which is filled with many villains, whose goals include domination, the eradication of mankind and even the destruction of the Earth. On the other side is the Light Source, a group dedicated to protecting the people. Their goals, while seemingly impossible, are fair and just. The primary aspect of all Light Source members is the balance of good and evil, a statement made many times by Merlin, the creator and at one time leader of the Light Source. This archive of information will store the heroes personal data, essentially mapping their war for the freedom and justice of the world. Until the War is over, if it ever shall end, feel free to browse through the information at hand to familiarize yourself with your brothers in arms, or even learn what information about your enemies from recorded battles.

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